RankNameRatingMore Info
1Ematic Color eBook Reader4.474.474.474.474.47
2Barnes and Noble Nook Reader4.674.674.674.674.67
3Sharper Image Literati Wireless Reader4.
4Barnes and Noble Nookcolor Reader4.
5Samsung Galaxy Tab4.474.474.474.474.47
6Next2 Tablet4.
7Amazon Kindle DX44444
8Pandigital E-Reader4.
9Kobo E-Reader4.
10Velocity Micro Cruz Reader4.

Kobo E-Reader


Kobo has gone wireless and the results are outstanding! Kobo fans have long thought, “if this e-reader were wireless, it would be perfect!” Now Kobo fans and many others are raving about the quality and usability of the new Kobo Wireless e-reader. In this review, we’ll cover all the features that make it a highly rated e-reader and very competitive with the Amazon Kindle and other high-quality reading devices. The Kobo E-Reader Now Offers Wireless Connections for Even Greater Versatility While You’re On the Go! Many of you have considered a Kobo in the past but held off because you wanted the ease of wireless downloading.  Well, you will love the new Kobo whether you used the wireless edition or [...]

3 Positive Reviews 0 Negative Reviews 5 Reviews Overall Rating:

Barnes and Noble Nookcolor Reader


Fans of the BN Nook will love the all-new Barnes & Noble Nookcolor Reader, and any avid reader who wants a color e-reader needs to check out this one before they make any purchase. The Nookcolor features a 7” color touchscreen that is a delight to navigate and read. This is a highly rated e-reader that also offers the best resolution in its class, with MP3 and MP4 included. You’ll discover superb performance and many extras that create a very compelling package. The Barnes & Noble Nookcolor Reader is Rich in Multi-Media Features and Takes the Pleasure of Reading to Touchscreen Heights Most reviewers think Barnes & Noble hit this one out of the park, and we agree.  They took [...]

2 Positive Reviews 0 Negative Reviews 3 Reviews Overall Rating:

Barnes and Noble Nook Reader


The Barnes & Noble Nook Reader has received high praise from many high-profile reviewers of gadgets and electronics. CNET, CES and ZDNet are among those that call it one of the top few e-readers currently on the market. You’ll agree when you get the light, bright, and high-performance Barnes & Noble Nook Reader in your hands. It makes your reading experience just like reading a book…only better in many ways! The Barnes & Noble Nook Reader is One of the Top 3 Readers on the Market According to Prestigious Reviewers When the design engineers at Barnes & Noble made the decision to produce an e-reader, playing catch-up with the Amazon Kindle wasn’t their purpose.  Producing the finest e-reader on the [...]

3 Positive Reviews 0 Negative Reviews 3 Reviews Overall Rating: 4.674.674.674.674.67

Amazon Kindle


The latest version of the original Amazon Kindle is clearly the best. With each new generation of the Kindle, Amazon maintains their lead on the competition. Featuring superior clarity, quality, usability and value, the Amazon Kindle is the best selling e-reader in the world, and for good reason. Add built-in Wi-Fi to the mix for downloading old favorites or new books from your favorite authors, and it is easy to see why the Kindle remains the industry standard for e-readers. By adding greater readability and exciting new features, Amazon has made the next generation Kindle better than ever! The Amazon Kindle defines what a reading device should be.  The generation offers enhancements over Kindle 1 and Kindle 2 that demonstrate [...]

1 Positive Reviews 0 Negative Reviews 1 Review Overall Rating: 55555

Amazon Kindle DX


The new Amazon Kindle DX e-reader is a next-level reading device that offers more features and better readability than any of its current competitors. The all-new E Ink screen offers 50% better contrast while reducing glare – you can read anywhere with total comfort and clarity. The Kindle DX is loaded with features including free (no contract, no fees) 3G connectivity that adds wireless versatility so you can download books from virtually anywhere. While competitors try to catch up, the Amazon Kindle DX gets further ahead by putting more features and more value into your hands. The Amazon Kindle DX with E Ink Pearl Screen and Free 3G Wireless is the Most Versatile, Readable E-reader in its Class Amazon’s Kindle [...]

4 Positive Reviews 0 Negative Reviews 4 Reviews Overall Rating: 44444

Dell Streak 7


The Dell Streak 7 offers you a multi-media suite that is hard to beat. This Android-based smart phone / tablet is the entertainment center that fits in your pocket or pack. For readers, it offers a larger screen than the Dell Streak 5, and that means fewer page flips or a larger font size. If you are an avid reader who is looking for one of the best smart phone options on the market, you will want to give the Dell Streak 7 a serious look. The Dell Streak 7 Tablet is the Entertainment Center you Carry With Your Wherever You Go Our review looks at the Dell Streak 7 from a reader’s perspective.  We’ll mention many of its outstanding [...]

0 Positive Reviews 1 Negative Reviews 2 Reviews Overall Rating: 22222

Archos 70c eReader


There is stiff competition among 7” color e-readers, and the ARCHOS 70c eReader can hold its own when compared head to head with many of them. If delivers a rich reading experience plus the ability to view videos, pictures and more in high definition. This is an Android, giving you all the functionality of the best operating system for mobile devices. Take a look at all the features you’ll enjoy in our complete ARCHOS 70c eReader review. The ARCHOS 70c eReader Offers Android Usability and a Rich 7” Multipurpose Experience Let’s start with reading on the ARCHOS 70c eReader.  The 7” touchscreen display gives you a larger page than many e-readers, which means more text on the page, fewer page [...]

1 Positive Reviews 0 Negative Reviews 1 Review Overall Rating:

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